Our restaurant is open from April to September every day at lunch (12 am to 2.30 pm) and dinner (7 pm to 10 pm)


25 € Formula : Starter + main course or main course + dessert (choose the dishes marked with the star in the menu)

30 € Formula : Starter + main course + dessert (choose the dishes marked with the star in the menu)

"A la carte" : you can choose any dish not marked with the star. In this case you pay the price of each dish separately


Lunch menu (every day except Sunday and public holidays) :  

Starter + main course or main course + dessert 16.90€


Starter + main course + dessert 21.90€





*Duck rillettes with foie gras and honey-roasted figs 12.50€

*Deep-fried crispy brie with cranberry sauce and mixed green salad 9.50€

Crab salad with letuce, hard boiled eggs, parmesan cheese shavings 13.90€

*Homemade marinated salmon, mixed green salad, wasabi dressing and cold broccoli cream with sesame 12.50€

Salad of homemade marinated salmon and langoustines with citrus fruits 13.90€

*Mozzarella di bufala, multicolored tomatoes with basil and balsamic served with mixed green salad and bread sticks 10.50€

Langoustines from the market (day’s catch according to arrival, see the price on the slate)

*6 market oysters (according to arrival) 10.00€

12 market oysters (according to arrival) 19.50€


Main Courses

Dorade fillet, homemade ratatouille, potatoes from Noirmoutier, langoustine cream 19.50€

*Fresh market fish of the day, ginger and coriander mash potatoes, pistou coriander cashew nuts, tomato and pepper chutney 19.00€

Semi-cooked tuna steak with togarashi pepper, asian marinated vegetables of the season, bisque chantilly 21.00€

Grilled French beef filet with the sauce of the day, potatoes from Noirmoutier and mixed green salad 23.00€

*Roasted supreme of chicken (red label of Brittany) with satay sauce, sweet potato fries and mixed green salad 18.90€

*Beef of the day 18.90€

 Supplement of herbed potatoes from Noirmoutier 4.00€

Supplement of vegetables 4.00€



*Cheese plate 8.50€

*Fruit salad and sorbet 6.00€

*Local fresh strawberries and raspberries with absinthe syrup, whipped cream and licorice ice cream 8.50€

*Vanilla-coconut pudding, pineapple with sichuan pepper and mango sorbet 8.50€

*Chocolate molten cake with carambar whipped cream and salted caramel ice cream 8.50€

*Greedy coffee 8.50€

*Ice cream and sorbets, one, two or three scoops 2.50€, 3.90€, 4.50€

*Dessert of the day 6.50€


Children’s menu (for -12 year olds)

Starter plus Meat or fish plus a scoop of ice cream & syrup water (flavours of your choice) 12.00€



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